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Banner Templates

  • Need some inspiration. Select a banner template and modify according to your needs.
  • Banner templates are available in multiple sizes for websites, social media pages and advertising networks.
  • Banners are 100% customizable.
  • Customize any banner template with your own text and img.
  • Banners are generic in design and can be used for any product or service.
  • Banner templates fit all sizes of mobile and desktop devices.

Banner Sizes

  • Set your own custom banner size or select from a list of popular banner sizes. You never have to guess or search for a banner size, just select it from the list and start designing your banner.
  • Custom Banner Size: Dont see the banner size your require, create it by entering your desired width and height
  • Social Media Banner Sizes: Facebook banners, Twitter banners, Pinterest banners, Google Plus banners and more...
  • Advertising networks: Google Adwords banners, Youtube banners and more...
  • Website Banners: List of most popular website banners sizes for all kinds of websites and blogs, including Wordpress, Drupal Joomla and more...
  • Facebook
  • Google Adwords
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Wordpress
  • Linkedin
  • ...and more

Banner Theme Generator

  • The theme generator will assist you in achieving professional results as well as speeding up the design process. Select a color and font theme.
  • Color Themes

    Choose from over 30 color theme combinations. You can apply your color theme to the banners images and text individually. Colors are available in combinations of 5 colors. Click an item in the banner you want to color then click the selected color block to apply. You have full control.

  • Font Themes

    Choose from over 20 font theme combinations. You can apply your font theme to the banners text individually. There are 5 fonts per combination. Click on some text in the banner then click a font in your selected font theme to apply. You have full control.

Image library & Upload your own

  • Upload you own images to use in your banner design
  • Extensive image library with over 500 premium photos and clipart images
  • Edit image colors using the color editor or theme generator. Over 200 colors and shade combinations.
  • Edit image size to fit your banner design
  • All images categorized for simple searching

Text Styling

  • Over 40 stylish fonts to choose from
  • Style your text with color, shadows, outlines and background colors
  • Matching font combinations help you design like a pro
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