Design & Create FB Banners

Receive more FB Likes with graphic banner posts and increase the interest in your Facebook page.

Transform your Facebook page with eye catching graphic posts. Graphics greatly increase the visibility of your posts on members walls and increase the chances of engagement for your Facebook page. The Bannerwoo drag and drop banner and post creator allows you to create stunning professional posts in minutes and gives you the ability to quickly and easily create multiple posts per day. Simply make a banner or Facebook cover design in the online banner maker and upload to your personal or business pages.

Do you have an important announcement to make? Do it with a banner and increase the impact among your audience. Text posts are often overlooked, but a well styled FB banner is sure to get attention. Select from range of banner templates; cut out the design work and save time. You will have a professional and exciting Facebook page in no time.

Facebook Banners Maker

- Post Banners

Facebook banners for posts can be a maximum of 504px wide and any height. You can make banners smaller or wider than 504px, however wider banners will be resized upon uploading to your Facebook page.

Fb banner size max with 504px

- Facebook Cover Photo

Fb Facebook header - cover photo
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