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Click here to read how to make a Youtube Channel Art Banner

It is easy to make a Youtube banner with the Bannerwoo Youtube banner maker. Using img from the online library, simply drag and drop top create your design. Create ad banners as well as channel art.

To make a Youtube banner, sign up for a free Bannerwoo account and then select the Youtube banner maker. Once inside, select the banner size required and start designing. Start with a template and modify 100% or design your own. Either way you can create something completely original and suited exactly to your purpose. The templates are useful if you lack design skills or simply need some inspiration.

Once you have created a design in the Youtube banner maker, download it to your computer and upload to your Youtube account.

Youtube ad network targets your ads to relevant video content. Users search for particular content using keyword related search on either the Google search engine or directly on Youtube.

Youtube banner sizes:

1) Overlay Image: This banner is placed over the video being viewed. This is the best option as the user is sure to see it.
- Sizes: 468x60

2) Companion Banners – The companion banner is placed to the right of the video being viewed.
- Sizes: 300 x 250
                300 x 60

Click here to read more about Youtube banner ad sizes.

Below are the sample banner sizes and placement on Youtube pages:

- Companion Banners

Youtube Banner size 300 x 250
Youtube Banner size 300 x 60

- Overlay Banners

Youtube Banner size 480 x 70
Youtube  banner size 728 x 90

Create YouTube Channel Art

According to Youtube documentation, banners for channel art should be designed with a width of 2560px to ensure correct display for the majority of screen resolutions. For screen widths less than 2560px, the channel art banner is automatically resized to fit the screen.

Safe Area - Youtube define an area of the banner which displays on all screen resolutions, regardless of size. This area is 1546px wide and will display even when a users screen is very small. According to Youtube guidelines, the main content of the banner must be placed in this safe area.

The Bannerwoo banner builder for Youtube Channel Art includes guidelines that mark off the various areas.

Youtube Banner Template

YouTube banner size - channel art

Sample Youtube Banner

The banner sample below is shown here in its original size of 2560px x 423px. When uploaded to Youtube, it will resize according to the size of the users monitor. Click here to view this banner on Youtube.

Youtube channel art banner
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